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{The new normal} Holiday Celebration

2020 has certainly thrown us some curve balls y'all! ...but it can't steal our festivity or our desire to put on some fancy earrings or perhaps pants with buttons!

1. Make it a Date.

Send an invite! We love these no fuss, just fancy digital invites from Paperless Post, who now offers an entire collection of virtual party invites. Set a clear start and end time for guests to plan ahead, and as for what to do - get creative! Invite guests to join for a "what's cookin'" cocktail hour from 3-4, and rejoin the party for a sit down dinner at 7.

2. Plan the Menu (Take Out Counts).

Not being able to sit at the same table doesn't mean you can't still share the meal. Decide on a similar take-out menu and jointly hit "deliver", or settle on a group genre and let each household run with it! Share family favorites and see who adds a new twist. You might not be able to eat Aunt Sue's pumpkin pie in person this year, but we bet she'd be proud to watch you (virtually) try your own hack at it. Dare we say, a well intentioned flop will make for superior dinner convo. We're all in this together, right? (Most importantly), don't forget the wine pairings. We love the idea of everyone being able to raise a glass of the same vintage - where we cannot gather in person, we can be akin in bubbles and burgundy.

3. Surprise and Delight

Virtual Friendsgiving? Nothing perks up your pal like a surprise gifty. Drop a TTIB Tilly Box on her doorstep and prepare for pure joy. (Bonus points if you can ding dong ditch without getting caught on her Nest cam). Can you keep a secret? We are "jointly" setting our family Thanksgiving tables across the country this year in TTIB Holly Boxes - a little plaid goes a long way in making us feel like we're together even when we are states apart.

4. Don't Skip The Pomp.

Even if it's the same four of you at the dinner table for what feels like the 879th meal in a row, a holiday meal is still worth celebrating. Treat yourself and your family to whatever makes the moment feel noteworthy - cover the room in candlelight, add charger plates, go all out on fresh greens, play the music a little louder and a little longer. Bust out that china - and throw it in the dishwasher if you want (we said it!). The quickest way to make your family feel special? Their NAME! Yes we know Emma sits on the left back side evvvverrry day...but seeing her name engraved at her place setting makes it just...a BIG deal. And you (and your family!) are absolutely worth celebrating.


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