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Oh those summer nights

Uh well-a well-a well-a huh!

Tell ME more friends - how are you hanging in there? Surviving? Thriving? Questioning the last time you washed your hair? (*raises hand*) We know in our households, while lavish dinner parties with our favorite friends have been put on hold and we've cancelled everything from brunch to birthday parties, we're finding new ways to spark magic into mealtime and even the tiniest of celebrations. Who says you can't throw a dinner party for your own family? Treat your loved ones (and YOURSELVES for goodness sakes!) to some summer fun by sprucing up your surroundings and adding some above-ordinary flair to your table and your home.

Our top tips for adding fun, comfort, beauty and a break from the monotony in this summer unlike any other, below.

1. Bring the indoors OUT! Who ever said a porch had to look like one? We're all about the outdoor living room, and could practically live in this screened-in porch we completed this past fall with Scovell Remodeling.

Interior Design: Kobel + Co Build: Scovell Remodeling Photography: Ruth Stark

An entire wall of retractable screen to keep the mosquitos at bay? Yes, please! But it's the loungey sofa and pair of swivel chairs that have us wanting to trespass our way into this space on warm summer nights. We say go for a set up that makes you want to linger, longer. These causal but chic dining chairs have just the slightest bounce. Mind if we stay for another glass?

Interior Design: Kobel + Co Build: Scovell Remodeling Photography: Ruth Stark

And who says family breakfast can't be an outdoor affair? Whether you're with your kids or just your coffee, take a break from your daily dose of cereal and head outdoors. Leave the phone behind for a few and take in the smell and sounds of summer. We promise, it will do the soul some good.

Interior Design: Kobel + Co Build: Scovell Remodeling Photography: Ruth Stark

There's no reason why you can't add all the comforts of your living room to your outdoor space if you're using materials meant to stand the elements. We love an unexpected outdoor mirror to bounce the light, a playful pillow, and a cozy throw for when the weather turns cool. Add the perfect indoor/outdoor rug underfoot and you've got a whole new room to retreat to.

2. On that note, what if we all took a moment to treat an ordinary meal like it was a party? We're big believers that size and occasion is not a determining factor in how much fun you have with your table. Goodness knows we're all low on paper towels these days anyways; do yourselves and your grocery store a favor and try sprucing things up with some linens and chargers instead. It doesn't have to be precious to be perfect - wipe your face -and your frown- and worry about the washing later. Even a little bit of "pretty" goes a long way to make a meal feel special.

And if you're looking to share the love, nothing says summer zest like a fruit infused picnic party. Invite your neighbors over to share the ambience - who says you can't enjoy from a blanket away? These two-toned Pink and Tie-Dye Atelier Saucier napkins have us practically jumping for joy right now - snag them quick in our Table Top in a Box: Gemma. We've taco Tuesday'ed ourselves Margarita silly, but are all about the Ranch Water these days. All you need is:

  1. lots of ice

  2. tequila

  3. lots of lime juice

Trust us. Worth it.

3. And lastly, try something new, something silly, something fun. Things look different this summer -let's use it to our advantage. Not in making a "plan b" but making a "plan amazing". We have a client who swears by this movie projector her kids have been using to host a weekly backyard movie club. We've got a big white space on the side of our house that's just screaming to be lit up with a screening of Hamilton. Grab your favorite folding chair, set up the bar cart and get the party started.

Another client has been living her best life in this adult swimming pool. Last week we baked brownies inside of ice cream cones and topped them off with ice cream and sprinkles because WHY NOT. Summer 2020 isn't cancelled y'all. Stay home, stay safe, but stay splendid.


Mallory + Elizabeth


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