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A Family Affair: How to style family photos

Family photos. Are they art? Are they your only “art”? Our two cents on how to display them well:

1. When it comes to your walls, think timeless and special rather than posed and perfect.

2. Layer them in with other artwork. It’s still all about creating mix and balance. Too much of anything will feel overwhelming.

3. Just like with any other art, focus on the mood you’re trying to evoke with the piece rather than just the “pretty” ... don’t frame it just because you were having a good hair day, y’all. 🤣 Does the image truly capture the personality of the person in it? Or the feeling you had in that moment?

4. Try saving the rest for a beautiful book you can look through over and over again. Keep it in reach of your kids and your guests and you’ll always have evidence that you wore pants with buttons and washed your hair - sorry we mean you’ll always have shareable memories - readily at hand.


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